COS Mastering specializes in music mastering and restoration. We bring out the beauty of your music and let you hear the difference.

Music Mastering

Bring out the true sound of your music through music mastering. The final touch before replication, music mastering brings your music to its full potential from highs to lows in each track and consistency between tracks for a great listening experience throughout the album.
Music Mastering

Music Restoration

COS Mastering offers music restoration services for your vintage music collection or private collection. Through our compete restoration service, your piece will sound as good as the day it was recorded. Be sure to schedule a demo to hear the difference.
Music Restoration

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We offer our music mastering to artists of all genres including R&B, Gospel, Folk, Rock, Pop and more. Learn more about the artists we’ve worked with and the music we’ve mastered in our portfolio area. Then come in to see the difference for yourself.
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