COS Mastering provides the finishing touch that will take your music to the highest level it can be. Our mastering service aims to give your music clarity, definition, beauty, and power. This can be achieved through well recorded and mixed songs and delivered via appropriate media types. The mastered effect will enhance the music you have worked so hard to create.

Your music is so much more than just rhythm, score and lyrics. Within the creation of your music there are many various components all having place, importance and structure. Mastering your music allows each of these components to be experienced. The acoustics of the room, the instruments used, the hardware that captures the sound and the software used to edit all play a part in a well-recorded and mixed song. Just as a blurred camera focus can be adjusted to reveal definition, COS Mastering pulls your music into focus enhancing your soundscape and lifting the reality that connects deeply with your listeners.

COS Mastering specializes in music mastering and restoration. We focus, you listen, it speaks.

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Music Mastering

Reveal the true reality of your music with clear definition and opulent musicality. In post-production, music mastering is the finishing touch before replication and mass consumption. Display your music with playback consistency and clear quality for professionalism and a heightened listening experience.

Music Restoration

Don’t let quality music deteriorate. COS Mastering offers music restoration services for your vintage collections. Through our service your music will be reinstated by digital transfer and optimized for your enjoyment.

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All genres of music are welcome. Our artists represent Country, Folk, Gospel, Hip-Hop, Inspirational, Jazz, Latin, Pop, R&B, Rock and more. Learn more about the artists we’ve worked with in our discography. Here at COS Mastering we look forward to adding you to our portfolio!

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