Our Expertise: Music Mastering

Photo of Larry AnthonyGrammy nominated mastering engineer Larry Anthony began his roots in the recording studio experience in 1968 as a band musician in Oklahoma. It wasn’t long before he became involved in the recording process which led him to a career in music mastering since 1999. During his journey he honed his craft by obtaining degrees in Electronics & Acoustics as well as Psycho-Acoustics to provide the best possible mastering processes. After 54 years of music industry experience Larry continuously researches and remains up to date on the current technological advances the world of audio has to offer to best serve his clients and mastering sessions. Grammy nomination for Larry Anthony

Cherry Orchard Studio Mastering specializes in vitalizing your music through music mastering and restoration. Our primary focus is to provide the highest quality processing in our dedicated custom-designed mastering suite. This room has been constructed to be 100% acoustically sound and accurate as a critical listening environment. Our services provide technical expertise and delivers client satisfaction guaranteed.

Why You Need Professional Music Mastering

Professional music mastering is like the top coat of paint that really makes your music shine! If you want your music to compete in the commercial marketplace, COS Mastering is your final creative step. We’ll add the musical, artistic, and technical polish to your music as a complete and competitive work of art. This process will enhance and bring out the musical detail you’ve worked so hard for.

Through creative focus imaging you will hear and experience the music you achieved in the mix on all playback systems and media platforms including FM radio, headphones, streaming services, and event speakers. As a plus COS Mastering can strategically pull the individual songs together so that your record takes on the character of a great album. Instead of a number of single songs it should play back as one complete musical presentation as a personal concert each and every time it’s played.

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