Music Mastering Services

Music streaming company logosCOS Mastering provides music mastering services for all formats from FM radio, CD, Apple Digital Masters, Amazon Music, Spotify, Tidal and many other music streaming platforms.

Music Mastering

About to bring your music to the masses? Music mastering is the final step before releasing that brings your music to the next level, lifting the reality that captivates your audience.

Through the art of music mastering, COS Mastering balances the stereo focus of your music and pulls the separate tracks of your album together forming a consistent listening experience that your fans will love.  The personal connection that this type of album has will draw your listeners back again and again.

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Music Restoration

Looking to restore your tunes from old recordings? COS Mastering offers complete music restoration, digital restoration and so much more. Your music will sound more life like much like the day it was recorded. Our audio engineers will work with you to restore your collection, albums, recordings and more. If you have any questions about your music restoration project, call or contact us here at COS Mastering!

The Music Experts

Whether you’re looking for music mastering or music restoration, our engineers can help. With a room and industry leading technology, we can bring your music to its full potential. Call us today for details.
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