Preparing Your Tracks For Mastering

So your music or audio tracks are all set, time to release them, right? Wrong.

They need to be mastered to make sure they sound their best. Before you send them in for this service, however, there are a few things that need to be done.

Here’s what you can do to get them ready for mastering:

Provide a Quality File

When you send your music in, make sure it is in the best possible file for mastering and make sure it is an interleaved file also.

Then make sure they are a bit depth and sample rate that is similar to the settings used when first recording.

Keep Compressing to a Minimum

Be sure to remove or reduce any compression, limiting or maximizing effects that you may have used to boost the volume of your mixdowns.

If there are too many of these effects, it permanently tampers with the sound, leaving the mastering not as effective as it could be. This will leave your music loud and of lower quality.

Don’t Over Use Effects

Reverb and other effects are really nice for getting rid of some of the rough edges of your tracks but they can also make your songs very muddy and mastering cannot undo this.

If you aren’t sure how much reverb to use, go with a drier and cleaner sound.

Get Rid of Noise

When recording, make sure to eliminate or, at least, limit any unwanted background noise. This will allow the mastering to make your songs sound cleaner and fuller once the process is completed.

If some noises are unavoidable, consider using noise gates or filters to help keep the sound out.

COS Mastering in Atlanta, Georgia, specializes in music mastering and restoration. With digital-analog equipment, we will make your music and tracks sound just like you want them to.

For more information or to receive our services, feel free to call us today at 404-524-7757!

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